Business for aged women. Carrier…Nanny

Business for aged women. Carrier…NannyWomen in 21st century are constantly fighting men for their carrier, job and position.  When you are young, just graduated from the high school, full of energy and ambitions, it is easy to win. When you are pensioner, there are certain circumstances which make the achievement more difficult.


Prerequisites for new job

Finally, you’ve reached the pension period when you feel you are on the crossways for your carrier and life. Where to go? What to start from?

Mature, smart and responsible woman can find nanny position attractive and suitable when thinking of a carrier after 50 y.o. In fact, nowadays this profession brings good profit as well and could be worth considering as a business project.

Most parents would rather trust their kid to a mature and experienced woman that to a young and unskilled.

New carrier

If you have children and, possibly, grandchildren you have a tremendous experience which helps you a lot when applying for a nanny job. On the contrary, if you have never had children, pay attention to your neighbours’ and relative’s kids. If you feel like enjoying playing with kids and not getting depresses by their grizzles this job is for you.

There is no need to become 24/7 nanny. Many parents would want their kids to be picked up from the kindergarten/school, feed them and stay until parent return from work. Sometimes there are situations when mother needs to leave child for couple of hours and she wants nanny to take care of child during her absence. Part-time nanny is the most suitable job for an elderly lady. Today, part-time nanny’s salary allows living comfortably both in a big city and in suburban town.  

An aged woman felt neglected a month ago will be able to discover a new, profitable job bringing joy and satisfaction.

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