Vladimir Yasonovich Nikitenko

Mr Vladimir Yasonovich Nikitenko, born in 1946. In 1967 he has graduated the Fire college in Kharkov, Ukraine. Then he served in Moscow Fire Brigade, was a Deputy Head of the Olympic regiment, the Head of Moscow Special objects. He was awarded with 27 medals of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, including the Red star order; 7 – of the public organisation “Orthodox Russia”; 11 – of the “Russian Chernobyl” union; 4 – of the foreign countries. Currently he is very active in social scene.  


1. Based on your life and professional experience what would you advise to get on in life?     


Constant work and self development. Only these both factors make you feel you are the owner of your destiny.  

 Self development allows to have new targets and to work hard reaching them. A man should always has the purpose of life.


2. There are not so many positive faces surrounding us. Why?

I think we lost the major human valuables such as respect and mutual help. We have forgotten them.

People became strangers to each other. Envy and alienation started to appear in relationship. Everybody lives in its own shell. There is no team spirit any longer.


3. What are you striving for?

 I am striving for work, self-development, systematization of knowledge.  My heart belongs to two very important things for me: poet Esenin and Chernobyl.

Since childhood I admired Esenin’s poetry. I could read his poetry for hours and couldn’t stop enjoying it.  I have a special Esenin’s room in my house, where I collect his pictures, poetry and publications about him. Esenin is more than a poet for me. Currently I am writing a novel “A heroic deed of General Maksimichuk in Chernobyl” dedicated to my friend.

4. What are the main features of character you value in people?

Devotion, reliability. When you can rely on somebody as you can rely on yourself.

5. Have you also been such an open-minded, communicative and target oriented person? Have tried to change yourself?

No, I haven’t. Since childhood my character attracted people. I think I have to thank my mother Agafya Danilovna for this. She was not educated but managed to bring up 7 children. She kept telling me when sending to school: “I gave you the best people will understand and love you”. I still remember her words.

6. Do you have any imperfections? How do you overcome them?

Yes, I do. I barely forgive offences. It hurts when the person shows its real face after pretending to be good. I used to dispute a lot with everyone in childhood trying to prove my position. I became more restrained with the age.

7. Many people think it is impossible to combine family with work. It is always a choice in favor of one of the sides. Are you agree with that?

I think the career comes always first for a man. My wife understood that and accepted that.

8. What is your favorite dish?

Meat dishes, especially cutlets. I cook myself, schi (cabbage soup), borsch (red beet soup).

9. What is you favorite anecdote?

Nothing comes to my mind at the moment…I like those anecdotes which make you learn something and you can apply them in life. 

10. How do you spend your free time? What hobby do you have?

I have a few free time. I like to travel, getting new emotions. I have a title of honorary citizen in two cities of USA.

11. What would you wish to yourself?

I wish health what enables me to do a lot of good and positive things in the future for my family, myself and people around me.

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