Ms Tamara Maximovna Rad’kina

Ms Tamara MaximovnaMs Tamara Maximovna Rad’kina was born in 1936. She has graduated a pedagogical college in Gomel city in 1956 and Gomelsky pedagogical institute in 1962 with a “Russian and Belarusian language and literature” specialisation. She was working as a teacher of Russian language and literature. Currently Tamara is a pensioner occupied with tutoring and some charity job.  

 1. Tamara, what you would advise to succeed in life?

I would advise to set up a goal and move towards it. We build our life by ourselves. The key issue is to believe you have energy to reach your goal by being persistent and dedicated.  

 2. Nowadays we seldom meet positive happy faces outside. Do you have any idea, why?

I think people have happy faces when something happy is taking place. However, in our everyday lives we are struggling to survive through the miseries: aging, health problems, low pensions, high prices, family issues.

3. What are your goals?

At present I want dignity despite on all the miseries. As Mr Rybalchenko, Belarusian artist recently celebrated 100 years anniversary, said “the main thing in life is when you are needed”. 

4. What characteristics do you value in people?

Professionalism, intellect and honesty. The skill level allows reaching success at work. Smart people have broader perspective, analyse events, and able to tell true things from the fake ones.  

For me honesty is when the person can come out against meanness and evil despite on any possible negative consequences.  If only everyone followed the general moral rights there would be less evil in the world. I am very disappointed when meet unreliable people as they cannot take responsibility for their deeds and keep their word.

5. Have you always been such an open-minded, goal-oriented and communicative person? Have you had to work at yourself?

I believe, I had always been a frank person enabling to listen and hear, respect other’s opinion, find compromises. I am a goal-oriented person. I was never looking forward for inspiration; I always found motivations in reaching my targets.

6. Do you have deficiencies? How do you struggle against them?

I don’t think I have obvious. I have some habits which I don’t like, but I got used to them. However, some features of my character caused faults in my past which I am unable to correct.

7. Family and career are told to be incompatible. One always needs to choose and the choice will always be in favor of the only party. Do you agree?

My reply is family and work can be compatible! I always wanted to become a teacher. I used to teach Russian and literature, and was the form master. When I was offered a position of director of the school, I refused.

I love my family: my girls and my husband. Looking backwards I am sometimes surprised how I managed to handle everything. I always thought I didn’t give enough to both my family and my pupils. I am proud they all became menshes.

I think the state should take care of working women by offering good salary and bonus/compensation packages at work. These measures should allow them paying more attention to their families.

8. What is your favorite dish?

I love Belarusian food a lot.

9. What is your favorite anecdote?

Here is one of my favourites with the linguistic background: Police stopped a woman for an outrageous behaviour. A woman was damaging a shop signboard, saying: “ Such grammar errors are unacceptable! “both” needs to be written when you speak about wall papers in plural!”

10. How do you spend your spare time? What is your hobby?

I like reading books, meeting my friends, dancing. In childhood I used to dance choreography where I met my husband. We are still enjoying dancing despite on our age.

Several years ago I discovered embroidery. I do a lot of beautiful picture and present them to my friends and relatives. In summer I do a lot of work in my summer garden.

11. What would you wish to yourself?

I wish my children and grandchildren to be healthy and happy! If they are happy, I am happy as well. And one more thing – I wish to go to Paris one day, I have never been there. 

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