Diagnosis: Fatigue

 упадок сил

It happens at times that a person overloads himself with work and as a result weakens his body so that even after a weekend feels exhausted. That person has to force himself to go to work each time, make an effort to get up, and when he comes to the doctor he is diagnosed with fatigue. One requires a long rest and further treatment at that time. Tiredness is only one of the indicators of this insidious diagnosis. In addition, such a condition can cause a number of illnesses as any virus can easily affect the weakened body.

The Causes

There can be a multitude of causes, each one individually or several of them together can cause this serious condition. The most basic and common are a painstaking job and lack of sleep.

If the job brings positive emotions and a person works with enthusiasm, it is unlikely that he or she will get fatigued. Such a diagnosis can only be caused by monotonous hard work where one constantly has to stay late and is lacking sleep because of the overwork.

The second most common cause is hypovitaminosis (lack of vitamins in the body). It happens mostly in spring when, after a long winter, body is exhausted and desperately needs vitamins. Iron deficiency in the body has a particularly strong impact on well-being.

Psychological stress caused by one’s dissatisfaction with life leads to the complete exhaustion and fatigue as well.

The Symptoms

The first symptom of fatigue is tiredness. One is now struggling to perform the work which he had previously done with ease. External symptoms of that condition are paleness, exhausted look, in some cases loss of weight. Quite often body temperature increases or decreases, blood pressure rises. Person becomes nervous; there occur apathy, tearfulness, sleeplessness. Pleasant things don’t bring joy anymore, the person focuses on the negative.

Due to that situation scandals happen frequently in the family, which exacerbates this serious mental and physical condition even further, while this is the time when support of the loved ones is needed the most.

The Treatment

 упадок сил

Treatment of fatigue is ussualy complex. It is prescribed by a doctor. First of all it is a long rest, getting rid of extra burden. A good sleep will also aid recovery. In addition to this, the doctor will prescribe a vitamin and mineral complex and a special diet with fruits and fresh vegetables. Besides that, light exercises and fresh air will stimulate the production of hormones which help to fight the disease. However, one shouldn’t do hard exercises and walk for too long as that will only aggravate the situation.

It is very important to arrange with the family members not to bother the ill with arguments and not to escalate the situation because in the treatment of fatigue one needs peace, comfort and positive emotions.

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