Elderly people require attendance

Every person despite on its age needs to be taken care of, considered and noticed. Especially elderly people require great attendance. Most of them lived through long and hard life full of worries, crises and losses influenced their character and psyche. It is known emotional expression and physiology activity; reaction speed and perception keenness come down over the years. Mimics and emotions become static due to lack of blood feeding of roof-brain.

At the same time discretion level increases, wisdom and perception become more evident. Many nationalities respect senility. Elderly people posses greater life experience which makes them secure from one hand-side and, from another, defenceless. Depending on positive or negative life experience, level of vulnerability may vary. It is always more difficult to choose positive attitude towards life as it requests a lot of self-cultivation. To leave happy and full life one should always find positive in everything.

More exercises!

Physical exercises are essential for elderly people as they bring endorphins, the joy hormones. Let the exercises will be within everybody’s ability, for example: a walk with grandchildren or a dog in a courtyard or park, hobbies, skiing and etc.

Find a new interest in life!

It is very important to find an interest in life. There is a story one former surgeon became stallkeeper after retirement. Later, he organised a club where elderly people could come discussing latest news. Hobbies also play a great part in socialisation. Doing something people feel their importance. 

Be more positive!

Get surrounded with successful, cheerful people. Try to avoid communication with depressing, sad people who sucks out your energy.  

Care and partnership!

One of the main issues for elderly people is loneliness. Sometimes aged people surrounded by relatives still feel alienation. According to psychologist Eric Bern human life is divided into two stages: receiving kicks and receiving tweaks.  Tweaks for elderly people are in a great demand. Sometimes a warm word or quiet listening is enough to make the aged person happy.

Kind wordings!

Aged people pay great attention to the intonation and voice. Sometimes ordinary words pronounced with a softer intonation are taken more favourable by the elderly people. It is important to demonstrate you value the opinion of your aged relative. It is vital to discuss some events with a relative, ask for his/her support and advice. We need trying to pick the correct words avoiding such phrases as “Leave me alone”, “You won’t understand it”, “This is not your business”.

Come to an agreement!

Unfortunately, there are situations when aged people are manipulating their relatives taking all their personal time. If your elderly relative chooses such behavioural type, you’ll need to move your relations to the contract-based model. Such model allows you to find the right agreements pointing precisely to all of the details of your position. It is important the negotiations are taken in a friendly and calm tone. Remember, the harmony in relations is only possible way two parties may cooperate.

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