Tips to create a good mood

Tips to create a good mood

All the philosophies agree that if one’s soul is filled with optimism and good spirit, the world will be kind to you. However, there is no secret for anybody that a good mood is something that comes and goes. In the literature and on the internet one can find a lot of advice on that topic. Nevertheless, I want to share with you a few tips which I have tried myself and they help me to be in a good mood and keep optimistic in all situations.

Tip 1 «Smile!» Smile? Yes, Her Majesty the Smile helps to remove stress from the body. What helps me to smile:

• Recalling the happy moments of my life.

• Diving into the world of childhood. That is spending time with my beloved little godchildren – the mood instantly changes into a positive one. Is it really possible to communicate with such angels without having a smile on your face? The second option which I like is to immerse myself into the word of childhood. It comes out great at the Amusement Park, in the toy shop, in the favorite children’s cafe. I see myself as a little girl and I think what I would like. In one word, I’m making for myself feast of the soul: eating ice cream, launching balloons, riding on my favorite carousels, having pictures with fantastic heroes in the park. Energy, enthusiasm, carelessness and excitement uplift your mood quickly and for a long time.

Tip 2 «Visiting your favorite places». Everyone has a number of the favorite places where one gets a lot of positive energy. That can be both the favorite places on the countryside and the favorite towns and cities, this is also our native land where we grew up and spent our childhood.

Tip 3 «Activities» – an excellent opportunity to tone up your body, all you need for that is to recall your favorite hobbies (skiing, swimming, tennis, badminton…). A good addition to that will be a daily walk in the fresh air.

Tip 4 «Happy hormones» – eating foods that produce endorphins, so-called happy hormones. I prefer to treat my body with the following products that contain that hormone: chocolate, bananas, grapefruit.

Tip 5 «Every morning with a positive attitude». Tips presented by me are simple but effective! Try to use them and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Not only Her Majesty the Smile will be your faithful companion trough out the day but Her Majesty the Luck will gladly join her!

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