St Petersburg is the city of Supercentenarians

There are around 200 Supercentenarians living in StPetersburg today.

Fedor Uglov

The most famous supercentenarian of StPetersburg was Mr Fedor Uglov. His name is written in the Guinness record’s book as the oldest practicing surgeon. He undertook the last surgery at 100 y.o. All together he performed around 10 thousand surgeries, including unique ones. He died when he turned 103 yo despite on very serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, sepsis and camp fever.

All his life he had an athletic body, keeping the same weight of 65 kilogram’s. He remembered: “My mother told me: always leave the table being a bit hungry”. He did some boxing and fighting in the youth and was very active. He went to bed early and woke up before sunrise. He didn’t drink and didn’t smoke. His wife was 32 years younger and he was proud to be real men at his 100 y.o., noting the sex should be practiced upon 2 times a week. He loved life and life treated him with all respect.

Irina Arnold

English literature philologist, Mrs Irina Arnold was an active scientific worker at her 100 y.o. Irina was a professor for the St.Petersburg Pedagogical University and managed 2 associate professors. She worked as a tutor for 80 years and published 129 scientific works managing 58 PhD scientists.

After graduation Irina went to work to the Civil Fleet Institute, later became an Air-Military Academy. Irina was a veteran of WWII. Her life was not easy: all her close relatives were political prisoners, and all her three husbands passed.

Today there are over 200 centenarians living in St.Petersburg and their number grew five times for the last 20 years. Today, there are 19 thousand people with the age of over 80 y.o.

One of them is famous Jores Alferov who turned 80. He still has a bright mind and clear intellect. Youngest are jealous for his working capacity and talent. Another famous man of his age was Dmitry Likhachev, famous academician, died at his 93 y.o.

All our centenarians have one common feature – they all lived healthy life.

What helps us living long? Healthy food, active life, attention of his relatives. Alexandra Ushakova, 107 y.o. is the oldest citizen, lived in the city during the siege and. She is a truly optimist.

Based on “Komsomolskaya Pravda” materials

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